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Your Teacher is Mrs Bartlett.

Your Teaching Assistants are Mrs Stebbings, Miss Ripley and Mrs Roche.

Miss Chapman looks after you at lunchtime.

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Foundation Stage Gallery


The children enjoyed celebrating National Elmer Day at school. They took part in a range of activities on the themes of colour, friendship, stories and difference. They particularly enjoyed making the giant Elmer on the playground and then lying down on it! 

POND AND BEYOND - March 2018

As it was such a lovely day we decided to take all the children out for a walk to look for signs of Spring. This was a great opportunity for me to see them using the Pond and beyond area which I miss on Fridays. The children have been learning the names of some of the Spring bulbs and were able to spot the snowdrops growing near the old pond. They also found some daffodils starting to poke through. We stayed out for a while to let the children have a play in the area and they showed how well they have learnt to engage with the outdoor provision by using the area creatively and purposefully for a wide range of different themes including pretend fire-building, music-making, hide and seek, observing the animal homes and the fish, story-telling, treasure-hunting and a variety of imaginative play involving fairy houses and a huge lump of left-over snow! They also very importantly kept within the boundaries they have been given without a single reminder! Great job children and staff!

WORLD BOOK DAY - March 2018

After being postponed because of the snow days we were finally able to celebrate World Book Day. The children dressed up as their favourite book characters and we were really impressed with all the effort parents and grandparents had put into their costumes. Many children brought books in for us to read and we enjoyed a lovely day of stories.

There are more photos in the ‘Latest news’ section on the website. 

VISITING AUTHOR - February 2018

The author Karen Langtree came to school for the day and was kind enough to come and read one of her own books to the children. 

Some of the children helped her to act out the story of Angel Small. The children listened really well to the story and enjoyed joining in with it. Some children also went to school assembly and saw another story acted out there.


FARMER CARL VISIT - January 2018

Farmer Carl came to see us with Henrietta the hen and Dot the lamb. The children showed their good knowledge of animals and learnt some new things about crops. They loved feeding the lamb and stroking him.  

POND AND BEYOND - Autumn term 2017

The children have enjoyed lots of outdoor learning this term especially on Pond and Beyond days. They have enjoyed exploring the pond and field areas, building hedgehog and insect homes, following the progress of the fish and using the Autumn fruits and berries for investigating dyes and colours. 

FS CHRISTMAS - December 2017

The children enjoyed a fantastic Christmas party day, starting with singing to parents in the hall. They danced at the disco, were entertained by Magic Mike and of course ate constantly! 

ORDERING NUMERALS - October/November 2017

The F2s have been practising ordering numerals - first to 10 and then up to 20, in lots of different ways. They then use the number line they create to help them work out 1 more and 1 less than any number. Great work F2! 

THE WOODS TRIP - July 2017

FS children and their Parents and Grandparents enjoyed another trip to the woods at Church Fenton where the children showed off their Pond and Beyond learning. Activities included pond dipping, making dough faces on trees, measuring trees, recipes, animal homes and colour and maths collecting challenges. The entire frog population of Church Fenton was found, added to water bottles and in some cases taken home?! The most important thing however as always was of course the picnic lunch! Thank you to everyone who made the day possible! 

F2 FARM VISIT - July 2017

The F2 children had a great time visiting Farmer Carl on his farm in Ulleskelf. They saw cows, chickens, lambs, geese, a turkey and some gorgeous four day old piglets! 


The children had a really good Pond day learning how to find out the age of a tree. They did some good problem solving about measuring trees and made some great suggestions. They worked as a team, helping each other. 

DOUGH GYM - May 2017

Some parents have been asking about what happens in Dough Gym so I took the opportunity to video our youngest children doing it after only four weeks in school! They were superstars! They are developing their muscles ready for mark making to the song 'Uptown Funk'. Unfortunately the original video was too long to fit on so it had to be cut to a clip but I think you'll get the idea! 

Dough Gym

Still image for this video

POND AND BEYOND - April 2017

The children have been enjoying getting outside on Pond days with the slightly better weather! They keep a close eye on the development of the tadpoles and have chosen to write their observations about them. Millie thinks they all smile at her! 

Children planted herbs in the new wooden planters by the mud kitchen and a willow arch has been started near the toadstools. They have also been focussing on designing and making animal homes including the bug hotel. F2 made clay trolls straight on the fences and then wrote descriptions of them. The end of term saw an Easter Egg hunt which was enjoyed by everybody. 


Foundation Stage children enjoyed joining in with the school's 40th birthday celebrations. We made kites and painted pebbles for the new outdoor development. F2 had a lovely picnic lunch and we all sang Happy Birthday to the school and ate cake! 

FARMER CARL - February 2017

Farmer Carl came to visit FS and brought Henrietta the hen and Spot the lamb to show us. The children loved stroking the animals but Spot wasn't hungry and wouldn't drink his bottle of milk! 



Children, Parents, Grandparents and Staff came together to celebrate Christmas by singing A Little Nativity. The children were great but some adults clearly needed a bit more practise!! The children all looked wonderful in their Christmas outfits. 

Here are some of the photos we showed on the big screen on the day. 


Thank you to everyone who came to the stay and play and enjoyed helping their child to do Christmas crafts. 



SPONSORED WALK - November 2016

We really enjoyed dressing up and taking part in the sponsored walk with the rest of school. 

POND AND BEYOND - September 2016

We have begun our 'Forest school' learning on Fridays and despite the rain the children enjoyed going out for a first look around. The first few weeks will focus on rules for staying safe and boundaries as well as really beginning to develop the children's observation skills. They have also already done some simple measuring, talked about tree roots and looked for creatures! Keep up to date with their learning here and enjoy the photos.


Foundation Stage children, parents and grandparents spent the day at The Woods in Church Fenton taking part in 'Forest school' activities. We all had a brilliant time, catching fish and frogs, making animal homes and wands, doing rubbings, building dens and climbing and exploring. We were so grateful to Lisa (Just Travel) for the free bus that helped many people who didn't have transport to take part. The weather was warm but cloudy and we enjoyed having lunch outside and having the chance to unwind at the end of a long year. Thank you everybody who came and made it great for the children! 

ENVIRONMENTS - March/April 2016

The children have shown a really deep interest in learning about different environments and have enjoyed the enhancements we made to the provision to reflect this. They have gained a lot of knowledge about Deserts and Polar regions and many of them can now talk about the similarities and differences between these environments and their own. The globes and non-fiction books have provoked lots of high quality talk about animals and places.

FARMER CARL'S VISIT - February 2016

Farmer Carl came to visit us in FS and brought Henrietta the Hen and a lovely black lamb called Jack. Lots of us stroked Henrietta and had a go at feeding Jack with milk from a bottle. He was a bit naughty though and tried to eat Charley! We sang 'Old MacDonald' for Farmer Carl because it's his favourite.

ROOM ON THE BROOM - January 2016

The F2 children have been working with story symbols to support their writing and have really enjoyed learning 'The Room on the Broom' story. We wrote some sentences together and the children made up actions so they could 'talk' the sentences. Watch the video of them doing that here and then come in and see the writing some children did supported by the symbols.

F2 talking their sentences.

Still image for this video


The children naturally came back to school full of their experiences of the bridge collapsing. We have encouraged them to play out their memories of this event and they have done so with enthusiasm, using excellent vocabulary to re-tell their tales. They have drawn and written about the bridge and recorded their ideas for a new bridge. They also instigated role-play about the bridge and took on the roles of the army, fire-brigade, workers and volunteers. They have thought about suitable materials for making bridges and have strong opinions on the new bridge looking a lot like the old bridge! 

The story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff inspired some more bridge building from the children and they have also been working together on bridges using their negotiating skills! The F2s were challenged to make bridges using only paper, which provoked some interesting talk about what you can do with paper to make it stronger. The children then tested their bridges and the winner was Tyler with his 'rolled' bridge that took 7 blocks before collapsing!


The children enjoyed dressing up and singing their songs and especially the bit where Santa visited them!

The atmosphere was just as we hoped it would be and the children were relaxed and confident about what they were doing. 

All the feedback we've had has been positive and it felt like a really nice way to start Christmas! Here are some of the photos we showed on the big screen during the morning.


STAY AND PLAY - November 2015

Thank you to everyone who came to the Christmas crafts Stay and Play. We hope everyone enjoyed the session. It felt very Christmassy and  it was really nice to have the opportunity to chat with  parents informally. Some parents definitely enjoyed it even more than their children!

FARMER CARL - November 2015

This week Farmer Carl came to visit us in the FSU with his tractor and Henrietta the hen. The children enjoyed going to see the tractor and sitting high up inside it. Henrietta was very well behaved and very patient while the children stroked her and counted her claws! Farmer Carl talked to the children about his animals and the things he grows on the farm and then he pretended to break an egg on Noah's head but it turned out to be a bouncy one! He's such a comedian!!


FISH - October 2015

The children are showing lots of interest in the Natural world and we have been having some real (dead) fish to provoke and develop their interest. Last week we experienced a Mackerel and this week it's a Sea-Bass. The children have had some really knowledgeable comments to make - here are some of them!


"The mouth is bigger than the Mackerel.... because it might be eating bigger fish." (Jarrell)

"It's a bit spiky." (Aaron)

"It's spotty." (Jarrell)

"It feels different to the Mackerel. (Esmee)

"That's where he breathes - it's a gill." (Esmee)

"His tongue is not wet." (Jarrell)

"So it's dry." (Esmee)

"I can get my whole finger in his mouth." (Jarrell)

"When I press this his mouth opens." (Jarrell)

"Oh that is so gross!" (Esmee)


As part of our development of the outdoor area I dragged my family around the countryside this weekend searching for useful things to help create a Small World Area under the canopy! The children engaged straight away with it, introducing the dinosaurs to their new home!


We are extremely grateful to Mark and Susan Westaby from Healaugh, who generously donated a car full of logs from their wood cutting business to our project.


Geraldine the Giraffe - /s/

Mr Thorne and Geraldine the Giraffe help your child to learn the letter /s/. All other letter sounds are available on YouTube.