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As you know, we are introducing Parentpay to school.  This is an online payment system whereby you can pay for dinners and trips in a secure way.  A letter has gone out to parents explaining this in more detail and providing you with a username and password to enable you to get started.      Once you have logged on you will see the dinner system and a few afterschool clubs listed.


How the dinner system will work is fairly simple and will not change much for children.  Children will tell the teachers on a daily basis whether they are having a dinner (as they do now) so that a register can be taken.   The parentpay system will be updated once per week as to how many dinners have been taken. Money which will have been put on the account by you will then be deducted.    This means that you can either pay weekly for your dinners or you can pay a larger sum on a monthly or even termly basis.


Try and keep a check on how much credit is on your account but I will notify you if you have gone over on your account.