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Our school is taking part in this event to help us celebrate our Year of Reading.


Ready, Steady Read is Usborne’s simple sponsored listening challenge, aimed at children who are not yet ready to read independently. It’s a great event that can introduce the importance of sharing books at home to parents, help you to promote literacy AND get FREE BOOKS for your nursery or school.

The more stories the children listen to, the more money they will raise to buy books for your nursery, library or classroom. Plus, on top of this, you will earn EXTRA FREE BOOKS from Usborne.

FREE Usborne books

The money raised can be used to purchase Usborne books for your nursery/school. On top of this, you will earn up to 60% in EXTRA FREE BOOKS:

Raise £100 or more You get 10% extra in free books

Raise £250 or more You get 30% extra in free books

Raise £600 or more You get 60% extra in free books

That’s an extra £360 in free books for every £600 raised!

We organise everything

An Usborne Organiser will arrange the entire event and can provide sponsorship forms, listening logs personalised to your nursery/school, certificates acknowledging each child’s personal achievement, bookmarks and even an explanatory letter to parents, asking for their support.

How Ready, Steady LISTEN works

Children are sponsored to listen to as many stories as they can in a given time. Whether it’s in nursery/school time, or at home, young children are encouraged to share stories with parents, carers and teachers by listening to words being read aloud to them. They can spend any amount of time listening to raise funds for books.

The money raised can be used in a variety of ways – the choice is yours:

Books for the nursery/school

Books for each child and the nursery/school

Books for each class

Books for the nursery/school and a charity

Books for prizes

For more information, please contact your local Usborne Organiser, who will manage the entire event for you and provide an unrivalled book service:

For more information, contact insert your details, or visit us online: