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  • Logo Designed by Year 6 pupil for our school

    Fri 25 May 2018 R Griffin
    The competition to produced a new Tadcaster Primary Academy logo has been won by Benjamin.   He provided a beautiful colourful tree which when judged to be the winning logo was sent away to be made into the logo as seen in the picture.  Well done to creative Benjamin!
  • Sponsored Read

    Thu 24 May 2018 R Griffin
    Following the sponsored read by some of our children last term, we were able to purchase 35 quality books for various age ranges from Usborne on subjects such as the Egyptians,  Iron Age, Ancient Greeks and the Vikings to Dinosaurs, Rainforests and the seasons.  A great addition to our learning literature.    
  • Sports Relief Day

    Fri 23 Mar 2018 Ruth Griffin
    Tadcaster East enjoyed various different sporting activities and exercise today.    We did running, rugby, basketball, football-rounders, normal rounders, Yoga and cheer leading.   Everyone had a great day and we raised £94.25 for a good cause. 

    Tue 06 Mar 2018 Ruth Griffin
    We celebrated world book day a few days late but that did not stop the children and teachers fully embracing the world of books.  Check out the fabulous costumes we all dressed up in and see if you can guess the characters.  
  • Countryside Day Fun for Key Stage 2 children

    Tue 06 Mar 2018 Ruth Griffin
    We are very pleased to confirm that we have secured tickets again for the Countryside day in Harrogate.    Last year was one of the highlights of our school calendar and the children thoroughly enjoyed it and talked about it for days.   Check out the photographs further down this page from June last year.   This year's trip will take place on 5th June 2018 and the cost of this trip will be £7.25 to cover the coaches for all Key Stage 2 children.  This is now on Parentpay to enable parents to make payment. 
  • Author Karen Langtree visits our school

    Thu 01 Mar 2018 Ruth Griffin
    Author Karen Langtree visited our school to tell the children all about writing and telling lots of exciting tales.  She spent time in each class and then did a very energetic assembly including a visit from a Knight.  Thank you Karen and The Knight of the Wobbly Table.   

    Fri 26 Jan 2018 D BEDFORD

    Our school is taking part in this event to help us celebrate our Year of Reading.


    Ready, Steady Read is Usborne’s simple sponsored listening challenge, aimed at children who are not yet ready to read independently. It’s a great event that can introduce the importance of sharing books at home to parents, help you to promote literacy AND get FREE BOOKS for your nursery or school.

    The more stories the children listen to, the more money they will raise to buy books for your nursery, library or classroom. Plus, on top of this, you will earn EXTRA FREE BOOKS from Usborne.

    FREE Usborne books

    The money raised can be used to purchase Usborne books for your nursery/school. On top of this, you will earn up to 60% in EXTRA FREE BOOKS:

    Raise £100 or more You get 10% extra in free books

    Raise £250 or more You get 30% extra in free books

    Raise £600 or more You get 60% extra in free books

    That’s an extra £360 in free books for every £600 raised!

    We organise everything

    An Usborne Organiser will arrange the entire event and can provide sponsorship forms, listening logs personalised to your nursery/school, certificates acknowledging each child’s personal achievement, bookmarks and even an explanatory letter to parents, asking for their support.

    How Ready, Steady LISTEN works

    Children are sponsored to listen to as many stories as they can in a given time. Whether it’s in nursery/school time, or at home, young children are encouraged to share stories with parents, carers and teachers by listening to words being read aloud to them. They can spend any amount of time listening to raise funds for books.

    The money raised can be used in a variety of ways – the choice is yours:

    Books for the nursery/school

    Books for each child and the nursery/school

    Books for each class

    Books for the nursery/school and a charity

    Books for prizes

    For more information, please contact your local Usborne Organiser, who will manage the entire event for you and provide an unrivalled book service:

    For more information, contact insert your details, or visit us online:


    Wed 24 Jan 2018 Ruth Griffin
    We have been offered a video presentation by the NSPCC and the phone provider o2 (all free and no sales pitch) in relation to providing insight to parents of how to help keep their children safe online.    This has been recommended to us by PCSO Wood from Tadcaster Police Station.    We feel that this will be very beneficial for parents to ensure that children are using the internet safely and we particularly believe that parents from Year 4 to 6 would benefit the most.      This presentation will take place on 5th March 2018 in Pluto classroom at 2.45pm and will take about 40 minutes in total.     Please can you contact Ruth in reception to confirm your attendance so that we can keep track on numbers.   Thank you. 

    Mon 04 Dec 2017



    If you have not opted out of the Christmas lunch by the end of school today a lunch will have been ordered for your child and you will be expected to pay for it.


    If you child has been taking part in the after school club this will be there last session for the term.


    All Foundation Stage children are invited to spend the day from 9am-3pm celebrating Christmas. The children can wear their own party clothes and lunch will be provided.

    LAST RHINOS SESSION Wednesday 13th December

    This will be the last Rhinos session for the year. This includes the after school club.

    NEPTUNE CLASS LAST SWIM SESSION Wednesday 13th December

    This will be the last swim session of the year for Neptune class. Please make sure that you have paid for all your sessions. Thank you.

    CHILDREN OF THE WORLD Monday 18th December and Tuesday 19th December

    Join us for our Christmas celebration at 6pm. A collection will be taken at the end of the performances. Children need to return to school at 5.30pm and can be collected at 7pm. This year Saturn and Jupiter class will be performing the play and will be supported by Neptune and Pluto class. Please make sure all children return to school for both evening sessions. Please feel free to swop your tickets. Please remember that everyone attending needs a ticket.

    CHRISTMAS LUNCH Tuesday 19th December

    The lunches have been ordered and the children are looking forward to it. Please remember if your child is in Saturn Neptune or Pluto class they will need to add £2.10 on to their Parentpay account by Monday 18th December. Christmas hats are more than welcome! REMEMBER there will be no jacket or sandwich options available on this day.

    DISCO PARTY TIME! Wednesday 20th December

    We are delighted to announce that this year’s school party has been kindly sponsored by Just Travel. They are providing Dickie Bow disco and refreshments. All children can come dressed in party clothes for the day. Thank you so much James and Lisa!

    COFFEE AND MINCE PIES Friday 22nd December

    FSU will close at 1.50pm.

    Carols around the tree with coffee and mince pies will begin at 2pm. Children will be ready to leave school at 2.30pm.


    Red denotes aspects that are applicable to EYFS

  • FOTE - Christmas Fair & fundraising

    Thu 23 Nov 2017 Ruth Griffin

    We are all looking forward to the Christmas fair on Friday the 1st of December 2017.    Raffle tickets have gone out and there are, as usual, some very good prizes to be won.     We would just like to add that all money raised by FOTE goes to the school so every raffle ticket bought will ultimately go to the benefit of the school.     Friends of Tad East are to help fund an outdoor gymnasium which is planned to replace the rubber chipping area outside Jupiter classroom.    We hope to remove all the rubber chippings and wooden fencing and put down a new flooring and have an all weather children's gym. Watch this space!